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Who we are

Kemal ÜÇÜNCÜ, Mec.Eng.MSc.
Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional,
Certified Safety Professional
Fire&Explosion Safety Engineer

Kemal  has decades of experience in terms of improving quality,productivity as well as occupational

health and safety performance at multinational organizations.

He also worked as safety consultant at abroad group subsidiaries , supported and assisted for improving their work safety systems,

took part of various safety projects especially to develop working conditions.

Some of  his publications about important safety issues can be reached and downloaded at this website.

After serving 25 years at different posts at renowned automotive industry companies he has founded 

at 2013 Iste Guvenlik Work Safety Plant Maintenance and Management Consulting Ltd.

He strongly believes that  trained workforce and  eligible maintenance methods that warranted equipment

reliable a key elements of succesfull safety management.

Therefore mission of the company is to assist its clients with risk reduction through production&maintenance process optimisation,

and providing  job safety training

and risk management programs aimed productivity increase while costs are declining.

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Our point of view to work safety

The work safety is a multidiscipilinary science aiming management of the work without or minimum risks, taken by the workers.

In order to provide this, it is first of all required to aware the existing hazards, to plan the measurements, to carry them out and

to reviewed what have been done.

For this reason, the vital triple principles of the applications of work safety are preventive approach, continuous improvement and creation of

reasonable applicable alternative ways.

It is targeted by this point of view, to guarantee efficient and sustainable goods and/or services production as well as to acquire

its initial priority, providing workers’ safety.

To realize of this target, our mission is to build such a workers’ safety out that is expecting the Unexpected, is able to discern

any extraordinary cases and take the necessary actions before having lose by working so hard and disciplined,by researching continuously, by having analytical

approaches and also by using reliable databases.

What we do

As mentioned maintenance and work safety have strong relationship each other.

According to following Prof.Reason’s quota who world renowned expert about human errors is:

“ If an evil genius was given the job of creating an activity guaranteed to produce an abundance of errors

they would devise something akin to maintenance.”

For that reason we should need to shift our attention to maintenance activities and periodic equipment controls

  in order to provide effective safety system.

In a nutshell our safety concept ‘s trilogy is:

-Considering of human factor

-To warrant law compliance

- Because of a quasi-perfect maintenance system reliable machine&equipment and devices

To reach in that way a preventive work safety target

Therefore our main focus areas are;

Legal compliance

Safety audits

Safety trainings

Risk Analysis and Emergency Response

Machine&Maintenance Safety

Fire & Explosion Protection


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